PSI - Public Registers Terms & Conditions

The registers hold details of all currently registered pharmacists, pharmaceutical assistants and druggists and all retail pharmacy business in the registers kept by the PSI in accordance with the Pharmacy Act 2007

The registers are updated daily and give the registered details on that day based on the latest information available to the PSI and are subject to the registration provisions of the Pharmacy Act 2007.

It should allow employers and others to check the bona fides of people claiming to be pharmacists, pharmaceutical assistants, druggists and pharmacy businesses.

The registers are published in accordance with the requirements of the Pharmacy Act 2007, which states the PSI shall "Without prejudice to the generality, ensure that the information in the registers is available, without charge, to the public at all reasonable times and the Council shall publish each register by means of the Internet and at least one other method of publication".

The PSI in accordance with Data Protection discloses information held by it for the following main purposes:

Full details of the PSI Data Protection registration are available from the Data Protection Commission.

Print outs or copies in any form of registration details from this website cannot be used as confirmation of certificates of registration. Copyright in these registers will continue to rest with the PSI.

This information is updated on a daily basis and is correct at time of publishing.

While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of these registers, no liability is accepted for error or omission.

Permission to use the information contained on the registers of the PSI by any person or agency must be granted in advance by the Registrar of the PSI. For any enquiries regarding the re-use of Public Sector information, please contact

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